Coulter's Garden  LbNA # 31516

Placed DateJun 1 2007
LocationFairmount, GA
Planted ByHamFam    
Found By P-Burd
Last Found Apr 7 2012
Hike Distance?

In the city of Fairmount right off of HWY 53 is the Fairmount Elementary School.

In front of the school you will see a large playground with slides and swings.

If you drive on the road that runs between the school and the playground you will be on Peachtree St.

You can park by the playground or by the principals office.

Walk up the road to the small parking lot that rests between the buildings. The main office will be on your left, a building on your right, and overhangs above your head to keep the kids dry in case of rain.

Go beyond the parking lot between the two buildings....this will be grass now.

Go behind the building on your right and you will be behind the school. About 100 feet to your right will be another opportunity to go right along a white sidewalk.

Where this side walk ends you will see three clouds that say "Coulter's Memory Garden" in blue. They are beside two white adorandak chairs.

Have a seat and enjoy the garden for a moment. If you are sitting on the left, just behind your shoulder you will see a brown drain spout.

Under the drainspout is the treaure you are looking for.

*Hand made stamp*

Please be aware this is a will need to search after school hours so as not to disturb the children!