Eagles Flight  LbNA # 31530

Placed DateJun 3 2007
LocationMontoursville, PA
Found By The Elephant In The Room
Last Found Apr 26 2014
Hike Distance?

Although it’s called an island, it’s really more like a penisula. In fact, you’d never know you were on an island, if it wasn’t part of the name. Find this place off of Interstate 180 between Montoursville and Loyalsock. You’ll turn onto “Old Montoursville Rd” and go past a motel, before the street name changes to the same name as the island. Once you cross the railroad tracks, go approximately one mile. On the left you’ll see a park with a parking area and restrooms. Park there to begin your walk. Hundreds of years ago, a Susquehannock tribe lived here. One young girl named Soaring Bird lived here with the tribe. She fell in love with a brave named Flying Eagle and they planned to marry. Their names were as perfect a match as they were. One day before they were to wed, Flying Eagle went hunting and did not return. The tribe looked for him but could not find him and assumed that he had died in an accident. Days went by with no sign of Flying Eagle. Soaring Bird refused to give up hope. One night she had a dream that she was flying over the woods and fields and saw him lying in the grass. In the dream, he was injured, but still alive. The next morning when she awoke, Soaring Bird followed the vision in her dream and found Flying Eagle. She nursed him back to health and they wed. To find the letterbox depicting these two native americans, follow these clues:

After you park, follow the gravel path. The restrooms will be on your left. At the fork in the path, go South towards the sounds of the river and passing trains. Soon enough, you’ll see a welcoming sign. Continue straight. Look for the site of a wigwam. Note the years that native americans lived here. The dates will come in handy later. Standing at the wigwam site, look South East for the lone pine tree. Go to it. Bald Eagle Mountain will be in front of you. Take the dates you found earlier and subtract the earlier date from the later date. Look that many degrees from the pine tree. You can follow the path to avoid brush. You’ll go approximately the same number of paces on the path as degrees. Find the most “significant tree” in the forest. You’ll know it when you see it. Under this tree is where Soaring Bird found Flying Eagle. And it’s where you’ll find your letterbox. It’s to the left of the base of the tree, under a log.