A Taste of Maine Literature mini series  LbNA # 31536

OwnerDrmweaver / Bookworm    
Placed DateMay 27 2007
LocationWiscassett, ME
Found By nedhead
Last Found Jun 23 2014
Hike Distance?

My daughter and I have read two books of historical fiction written by Lea Wait both of which are centered in Wiscassett. She has several more stories which we look forward to sharing and we place these boxes in her honor

Wintering Well

Travel to the town of Wiscassett on coastal route one, before crossing the bridge, turn right onto Water street, Red's, a well known summer eatery is on the right and Sarah's a down home food restaurant is on the left.On Water street drive a short way to the municipal parking lot on the right, park here. Walk a bit further down the road until you reach the parking lot of yet another restaurant, LeGarage, walk down the drive way and cross over the railroad tracks to the beach. Head down the beach back toward town(left) as you walk you will see remnants of old pylons from days gone by. You will see two on the right and one on the left. Don't pass the next one, Instead look to your left under a small tree there is a hole, behind a rock in the hole you will find a piece of the hull of a boat that spent many years docked here many years ago and the letterbox. Please replace both carefully so others may enjoy both the box and a piece of history. I placed the box here because in the book Water street and the ship building industry are both mentioned. Bring ink

Stopping To Home

In Wiscassett center is the Congregational church that has been located there since the 1700's, in fact it was attended by the characters of the book that is why I chose to place a box here. Go to the church and park along the edge of the green in front of the church. As you walk down onto the green you will see a monument to the fallen soldiers. It was very fitting that I chose this spot to plant the box given that it was Memorial day weekend. go around to the back of the stone, there is a curved out spot I placedthe box below ground level and put some rocks and pine needles over it. please bring ink I didn't put any in the box. Bring ink