The Bear Family  LbNA # 3154 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2001
LocationHampton, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 21 2008
Hike Distance?

I planted my first letterbox today (August 1 2001). It is in Goodwin State Forest, Hampton CT. in Windham County. Goodwin State Forest is on Potter Road in Hampton, 3 miles east of the intersection with Route 198 and 1.4 miles west of the intersection with Route 97.

One day the Bear Family decided to go for a walk in the forest to have a picnic. Uncle Grizzly and his son Brown decided to join them there. Papa Bear led the way. Mama Bear and Small Bear followed him. They walked deep into the forest and found a lovely spot to have their lunch. After playing and relaxing all afternoon, they decided to head for home. Grizzly and Brown headed off in one direction and Papa, Mama, and Small Bear headed off in the other direction. Papa Bear decided to take a shortcut. After a short while they realized they were hopelessly lost. Papa Bear told his family not to worry because there would probably be some letterbox enthusiasts that were in the forest. A friendly little mouse tried to help them but he never really ventured too far from his home in the stone wall, so he didn't know which direction they should go. He did know where a computer was located and offered to go to it and post instructions on the internet so someone could find there bear family. Here is what he wrote:
Turn on Potter Road from Route 6, park in the first lot on the right. Head down the path, past the information board, toward Pine Acre Pond. Go to the left when you spot 2 outhouses, down through the field and enter the Natchaug Trail. As you enter the woods, cross over 2 crumbling stone walls. As you walk through a field of ferns, the trail bends to the right toward the water. Stay with the blue dotted trail as you enter an open space with a fallen tree. Head left along the waters edge. Cross over 3 small wooden bridges in a row. Walk past a small gray building on your right. Looking out at the water you will see a beaver home. Continue along this trail past a tree with a green "6" posted on it. When you see the clearing near the tree with a green "7" on it, you have arrived where the Bear Family had their picnic. Cross another small wooden bridge and be on the lookout for a place to learn about how lightning affects the habitat. When you find this information, head left with the water behind you. As you cross the first old wooden bridge, look to you left for the roots of a tree that has fallen down. There are a couple of trees that have fallen. look for the one closest to you. Go behind the roots to the base of the tree and look in the crevice to find the Bear Family Letterbox. Although it is a nice easy hike taking about 15-20 minutes to reach the letterbox, be cautious of the roots and rocks on the trail.
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