Northern Raiders  LbNA # 31577 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerAirstream dreams    
Placed DateJun 4 2007
Locationroxboro, NC
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Northern Middle School's track is used by the public as a walking track. But this box is planted very close to the track, so I suggest that you search for it after school hours. I would also avoid this box if an after school game is in progress.

Clue: Park in the lower parking lot. The one for the football field. Go through the gate and down to the football field. Go right on the track. Notice the starting lanes numbered 1-6 on your right? Dash down #6, keep going passed the finish line to the end of the concrete. Enter the woods to the right and look to the right for a big tree that has a cable cutting into it and a hollow at the base of it. In a camo bag, in the hollow with rocks on top is what you seek.
Note: There is a healthy poison oak vine growing up this tree, but you can easily get the box without touching it.