Rainbow Duck at Big Spring  LbNA # 31581 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2007
LocationHuntsville, AL
Planted ByLiveNLearn    
Found By jjkjc
Last Found Feb 11 2008
Hike Distance?

MISSING 5/23/08!!!!!

We placed this letterbox here because the picture of it was drawn by a member of our family in honor of a unique duck they saw at Big Spring Park http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Spring_Park_(Huntsville,_Alabama) that was black with a white bill. They then created the Rainbow Duck from that! We hid it here in the hopes that you could have an easy stamp to find as well as an enjoyable place to visit. So spend some time feeding the ducks and fish in the waters on both sides of Church Street. Bring a picnic to have lunch or grab a fancy snack at Cafe Baba below the art museum. If you come on the first Friday of the month, the Huntsville Museum of Art is free to the public, see their website for details: http://www.hsvmuseum.org/ This is an easy stamp to find, we hope it survives the busy days at Big Spring Park. When you are ready to find it here are the clues, enjoy the park, the musuem and the stamp:

If you park in front of the Art Museum along Church Street expect to pay a parking meter fee of 25 cents for 30 minutes. Between the art museum and the wator "lake" at Big Spring is a small strip of grassy area. The grass you should walk towards is between the sidewalk that runs along Church Street and the outside stairs that lead from Cafe Baba up to the art musuem entrance. In this grassy area there is a clump of large bushes underneath the "ART" in the sign on the Huntsville Museum of Art building and up against the concrete that forms one side of those outside stairs. Look in all the large bushes underneath this "ART" sign, look carefully. You should see our letterbox inside a ziploc bag in the bushes. Please replace as you found it, hide it well to keep from passersby or groundskeepers from finding it! Please remember to leave the pen that is inside the bag also! Email us if it is missing, we go here most every week, so we can check on it often. If you saw something neat at the musuem or the park let us know when you stamp:)