Catch those Cooties (currently unavailable, lost i  LbNA # 31582 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 4 2007
LocationShelbyville, KY
Planted ByThe Gingerbreads    
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Hike Distance?

This just may be Shelbyville's first letterbox, so spread the word and let's get more out there. Drive down Main Street, which is one way. As you are driving down Main Street, look for The Spirit Shop on your left. You will want to turn right into the little park across the street called Clear Creek Greenway. From the picnic shelter on your left, walk approximately 54 paces down the grassy stretch with the creek on your left. You will see a big tree to your left covered in vines. On the right side of the treee, by golly, there is a hole, just the perfect size for a letterbox. Please let me know when you have found our letterbox. Happy boxing.