Timothy Lake Camping at Hood View  LbNA # 31584

Placed DateMay 28 2007
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Found By Salmon River Family
Last Found Jun 18 2008
Hike Distance?

Length: 3 miles
Terrain: Easy and flat for the most part
Wheel Chair accessible: No

To start you journey head to Hood View Camp ground at Timothy Lake. Find camp sites 14 and 15. Between these sites is a path that leads to the road. Cross the road to Timothy Lake trail # 528. This trail will take you to the Dam.

Box #1 Carved and Place by Hannah age 10. Her first!

When you come to a cut log that had crossed the trail stop and take 14 paces. Stop and look to your right for a log next to a stump. On the left side of the log lays fishing with daddy.

Box # 2 Carved and Placed by Funky Munky age 10.

Now continue on the path to a large decaying snag on your left. Look right for 2 trees. Making camp is at the base of the large tree behind the smaller tree.

Box #3 Carved and Placed by Hot Mama

Off you go to Lighting the Way. You will come to a large downed tree with a large rock in its roots. Continue past it to a moss covered rock in the path. At the rock take 52 steps to a tree on left in front of the leaning tree.

Box #4 Carved and Placed by Texas Toad

Keep going your doing great! Cross under the widow maker and past the swamp. Look for red pipes coming out of the ground. Go to the 3rd red pipe . Now look for 4 trees on the left together with a log between the 2nd and 3rd trees. There lies Catching the big one.

Box #5 Carved and Placed by Beth. Her 1st time also.

Now keep going you’re almost done. You will zig zag your way through the tree grave yard to the gravel road. Near the end of the road is a green gate. Now count 32 steps to a very large boulder on your right. Behind the boulder under some smaller rocks lies hood view. Now at this point you can continue to the trail across the road back towards hood view camp ground of go back the way you came. You have gone 1.5 miles so far. We hope you enjoyed your adventure and happy camping!