Jewett Trade Store (10 Portland Street)  LbNA # 31586 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2007
LocationSouth Berwick, ME
Planted BySBKids    
Found By Investigator Bacon
Last Found Mar 31 2009
Hike Distance?

TERRAIN: Easy, sidewalks
LENGTH: 1/8 mile round trip

DIRECTIONS: From Route 236 in Kittery, turn right onto Portland Street (Route 4/236). Park in the vicinity of Portland Street and Main Street in downtown South Berwick. (Parking is Free).

In 1815 author Sarah Orne Jewett’s great Uncle, Thomas Jewett bought the property at 10 Portland Street and began the Jewett Trade Store. Thomas and his brother Theodore F. Jewett, the author’s sea captain grandfather, operated the store until 1864. The store was a gathering place for the Captain’s cronies, veterans of the seven seas, to spin stories of worldly adventures. Sarah Orne Jewett spent time in the store absorbing the rich tales and sea stories.

The store carried West Indies goods and general merchandise. The Jewett store was supplied with merchandise from ships (gundalows) the Jewetts built at their shipyard near the Hamilton House on the Salmon Falls River.

Today the site is the home of the Little Hat Company, which makes and sells children’s hats, all hand made in Maine. The store also sells toys and penny candy.

CLUES: Locate the Sarah Orne Jewett House (5 Portland Street). This white stately Georgian residence was the home of author Sarah Orne Jewett(Sarah’s residence from 1887 to 1909), author of The Country of the Pointed Firs, Deephaven, and other novels and stories about Maine. Standing on Portland Street with your back to the Sarah Orne Jewett House, the building to your left is the South Berwick Library (Jewett-Eastman House) Sarah’s residence from 1854 to 1887. Look south across Portland street and locate a pie shaped flower garden with a maple tree in the center. The flower garden is located in front of a blue store. Heading south, cross Portland Street (via crosswalk) to the pie shaped landscaped area. Turn and face the Little Hat Company store (10 Portland Street) and locate a flower urn on the front steps. The letter box is located under the flower urn. (In the spring and summer time two Adirondack chairs are located in front of the store. Take a seat and spend some time enjoying this picturesque New England town.)

We received permission from the shop owner to place this letter box.

This letter box is located near a busy road take care to keep children on the sidewalks