Ryan's Great Grandpappy  LbNA # 3160

Placed DateFeb 18 2003
CountySan Bernardino
LocationBarstow, CA
Found By The Flemings
Last Found Jan 14 2015
Hike Distance?

Clue & terrain difficulty: easy
Best time to visit: any time when it is coolish
Babes in strollers OK but no dogs.

Directions: From Barstow, Ca drive north on I-15 to the Ghost Town Road for some western atmosphere. Park in the lot after paying about $6.00 for entry and walk to almost the end of the town, stopping on Main Street near the Mystery Shack. On your left across from the Mystery Shack note the path between the mining car and a lamp post. Walk around the hill until you are able to see just the top shingled cupola and white spire of the school house. Now, line the spire up between the second "C" and the "O". The box is hidden along this line from where you are standing. Continue down the path 7 big guy paces, then turn up the embankment from the path 9 paces to the line of sight previously noted. The black cylinder is under a small reddish rocky overhang and under and behind some moveable rocks. Be discrete when hunting for the box. Try for a mid week or first thing in the morning to avoid crowds. After you have found the box go have a Root Beer and check out the rock store and other attractions. If you don't want to eat lunch here try Peggy Sue's Diner for movie buffs. It is pure Corn. The Diner is on the same off ramp but across the freeway.

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