Monkeyboy #1  LbNA # 31601

Placed DateJun 3 2007
LocationLittleton, CO
Found By Rachael's Hunt
Last Found Apr 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Find your way to Schaeffer Park, just to the northeast of Kipling and Chatfield. Pull into the parking lot across from the school. Walk along the path at the south end of the park, going east toward Kipling Parkway. Pass the hockey rink and the baseball diamond. Turn left and head to the north when you reach the sidewalk at Kipling. Adjacent to the path after a ways is a stand of trees. Look for the "KC". Just to the left of the "KC", between the rocks resides Monkeyboy #1. Use caution when retrieving the box because you will be very exposed to the traffic on Kipling. As always, all items in the box STAY in the box! Be sure to hide the box well when you are done!

Questions or comments:

Kid, dog and bike friendly. Bring a pen and inkpad.