The Fossil Falls Letterbox  LbNA # 3161

Placed DateApr 17 2003
LocationCoso Junction, CA
Found Byscoutingbear
Last UpdateMay 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Getting Bored on 395 ?
Heading north on highway 395 past Little Lake turn on Cinder road and follow the sign to Fossil Falls. Cinder road is about 1/2 way between Little Lake and Coso Junction. Drive 1 mile to the parking area.

Note: I have not received reports on the status of this box so not sure if it is still viable. Please report if you have found it or attempted. I am not near by.

From the parking area walk 2/10 of a mile to the Falls. Just before you reach the falls look for a large boulder on your left with a large orange square painted on it. Go 16 steps north to another cluster of lava boulders. Look behind the first one in front of the cluster ,the letterbox is under some movable rocks near your feet. This is nearly a driveby letterbox. The hike is 2/10 of a mile, the drive in is 1 mile, and there is a porta potty in the parking lot. I believe it's accessible 24 hrs, a with a flashlight you could nab the box but not really see the falls. There are picnic tables in the parking area and a nearby campground. The usual warnings apply particularly Rattlesnakes and scorpions. There's lotta lava but notta lotta watta.