Sail Away WI  LbNA # 31611

Placed DateJul 15 2007
LocationWilliams Bay, WI
Found By The Christmas Elves
Last Found Jul 31 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 4 2015


This box was planted by our group for the Mid-MO Letterboxers to find during our meet and greet on June 2, 2007 in Columbia, MO. This box was permanently placed in Williams Bay, WI on July 15, 2007!

“Sail Away”

Find your way to Williams Bay, WI on beautiful Geneva Lake. My father-in-law lives here and we love to come and visit him. Many wonderful days have been spent on this lake and many memories made. We thought we’d put a letterbox here so you can enjoy the area as well.

Your journey begins at the fire station located on Hwy 67 (Geneva St.). Once here, travel east alongside the lake. You will pass signs for the boat launch and the bath house (Williams Bay beach). After the bath house, on your left, will be a public parking lot. Park here, cross the road and head towards the lake. Follow the walkway east along the water. You will go over a small wooden bridge and pass 3 memorial benches. Just south of the 3rd bench, there is a path, close to the water, that will take you the 26 miles around Geneva Lake and by some of the most beautiful homes & yards you may ever see. Don’t worry, we won’t take you anywhere near that far, but if you have the time I encourage you to explore further around the Lake.

As you walk this path, look for the public piers located along the way. Each one is numbered. To find the number, look for the old-fashioned life preserver mounted in a glass case on each public pier. The first is #239. The one you need is #230 (Cedar Point Parkway). Once there, walk south along the retaining wall and in the first tree (I think it‘s a Black Willow tree), you’ll find “Sail Away” tucked into a perfect cubby hole, waiting for you. This is a small box and it tends to get buried under the sawdust in the cubbie hole- it is easily mistaken as missing.

Note: In October, the piers are removed until Spring making this a bit trickier to find. If hunting for this in the off-season, here’s an additional hint to help you out. Pier #230 is located at the bottom of the first large, open area, public parkway you come to. Good Luck!

This area can be busy in the summer, especially on the weekends. Please be very cautious when retrieving the box and don’t forget to recover it completely when finished. Enjoy!