OwnerSix Monkeys    
Placed DateMay 28 2007
LocationCentral Point, OR
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?

From I-5 take exit 33 to Central Point
After exiting, go West on Pine Street. You’ll know you are going the right direction if you see “who flies the plane”. Keep going to Table Rock Road. Turn left. You will travel for a couple of miles. Keep a look out for “Antelope” along the way…..but don’t get diverted, keep going straight ahead. You don’t want to “waste” your time along the way. Continue “weighing” your decisions very carefully. Your travels straight ahead will allow you to observe some of the Rogue Valley’s FINEST, and don’t miss out on the superior “wildlife” roaming at the Rogue River Ranch. Keep your eyes on the lookout for what could be “Lower” and keep your LEFT hand on the steering “Wheel”er. What’s that? A WILDLIFE VIEWING AREA! But remember….NO DOGS ALLOWED!! Don’t give up now, keep going to the Trail Head…you’ll definately want to see “Life at the Top”.

When you have hiked about 1 ˝ miles and come out on TOP….. keep going until you see the letter that comes after “X”. Don’t assume you know the “right” way. You won’t want to be LEFT behind. Walk about 63 paces. Stop. You should be looking directly at Mt. McLoughlin. Turn slightly to the left and walk through the lava beds to the Scrub Oak Tree (about 70 paces). Just behind the “circle of rocks” you will see a log. Look under the log for your WILDLIFE!