BigMouth Frog-Historic Overlook  LbNA # 31633

Placed DateJun 6 2007
LocationMayfield Village, OH
Planted Bydinwoodie    
Found By SuperSee-ers
Last Found Aug 20 2015
Hike Distance?

From the South take I 271 to Wilson Mills exit. Head East to Rt. 91. Go North to North Chagrin Park entrance, Sunset Road opposite White Road. Enter park to first cross road and turn right6, pass Oxbow Rd. intersection and continue to large picnic pavilion on left. Park in designated area in front of the pavilion. This is Forest Lane. From the North, take I 90 and exit Rte. 91. Turn South, pass Chardon Road to entrance mentioned above.
After parking, start hiking on the gravel path that is on the right side of the parking area, next to the horseshoe court. Continue straight ahead past the kiosk that has a map of the area. You will pass a sign post on the right and will follow the Orange Maple Leaf path directions. Continue over wooden bridge. At next sign post, continue on Orange leaf trail where you will see monument on the right entitled "History's Footprint".(Make sure that you take note of one of the largest oak trees on your left that you will ever see.) At the next crossroad there is another sign post and you will now follow the beige oak leaf signs. Go down and up wooden stairs. Cross a bridle path and follow beige leaf sign path until you come to the stone and wood lookout. Facing the lookout, do a 180 degree turn and walk 20 paces into the woods, pass a dead tree stump on which is carved "I love you Chris" and then a few feet past another dead stump is a huge tree with overlapping roots and that is where the letterbox is hidden. Hope you had a great hike. You may want to rest on a bench in the overlook and watch the almost-tame chickadees and nuthatches. They love birdseed.