Campfire Rainbow Box  LbNA # 31635

Placed DateJun 6 2007
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Found ByNeilac (Attempted)
Last UpdateNov 16 2013


Start at the Andersen Picnic Pavilion in Andersen playground, Schenley Park.
Go through the tunnel under the road.
Turn right, keeping the pool on your left.
At the fork, bear left down towards the woods.
At the big rock, turn left.
You will come to a stonework "bridge" made by the WPA and dated 1939.
Keep you eyes up and to the left. About 140 steps past the end of the bridge there is a tree with branches that look like a '4'.
90 steps past this tree on the right hand side the box is hidden in a small rocky cave under a fallen log.

This box was placed by the Pittsburgh Rainbow Friends chapter of Campfire Kids. We hope you have fun with it. Happy Hunting.