Sunny  LbNA # 31638 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By Outdoor Girls
Last Found Feb 3 2008
Hike Distance?

I am dedicating this box to my dog sunny. She was my uncles dog but he died so we had to take care of her. She was the best dog ever (don't tell my dog Hobbs I said that). She was half golden retriever and half cocker spaniel. she was a lovely dog with very thick and long hair. She had a gold coat and she'd quite a bit. I loved her very much. We had to put her to sleep though. she couldn't walk anymore. we where very very sad. So I dedicate this box to my dog sunny. Think of her while you are on this hunt.

PS for this hunt you will want to wear long pants and good tennis shoes or boots not a good box for little children lots of walking involved.... If you wish to bring children on this hunt please let me know and I will give you a shortened less rough version of the clues to get to the box.

Start at the QT on Clark Lane. Travel West in your car/bike/walk across the intersection. Continue west but slow down as your destination will come quickly. Look to your right for a building with a sign that rhymes with rocket. turn on to the gravel road then immediately turn right again down a small paved road. you may park in the buildings parking lot for the time being while you are on your hunt I'm sure they wont mind. On your way down the paved road that turns to gravel and dirt notice a small white building this is where you should go for your next set of clues. From the small white building go north east until you see the concrete drain that is about 6-7ft wide. travel along this until it ends to get to the more open part of the highway. go north slightly west to the top of a large hill. go up this hill until you come to the peak of it and go west.(hint there is a somewhat dirt trail leading up the side of the hill so you will know you are on the right track) You should travel west until you reach the forest line you will come into a yard so be discrete.. You will see multiple houses. travel along the forest line north. You will find a broken swing set. Go directly east 5 and a half paces to find a hollow stump laying on its side. The stump has been cut from its former home. find its former home and inside it is your prize.