Pirate Bear  LbNA # 31648

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMay 30 2007
CountyLesser Antilles
LocationSt. Kitts, LSA
Found Bystray circus fish (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 6 2014


Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Microbox: 50 yards

Status of Microbox: New

The "Pirate Bear" microbox is located on St. Kitts island, at South Frigate Bay. Great beach and beach bars!!

Get to South Fridage Bay, and park next to Timothy Beach resort.

To the Microbox:
From the Sunset Cafe, walk around the waterfront of the cafe toward the dock. On the far side of the cafe's lounge area, go to the top of the 2nd step and tot he corner of the stiped wall. Micro is on the flower side of the wall, under a rock.