Peter Rabbit  LbNA # 31667 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2007
CountyKenai Peninsula
LocationKenai, AK
Planted ByArctic Tern    
Found By the dog lady
Last Found Sep 3 2008
Hike Distance?

From Soldotna or Kenai take the Spur Highway to Beaver Creek Park. This park is not marked with a sign. From Soldotna it is at the top of the hill just before Beaver Loop Road. From Kenai it is up the hill just after Beaver Loop Road.

sit in the southern blue swing facing east
find trail @ 140 degrees
follow trail to the tree in the middle of the path
look E to see the wreckage of automobile history
follow path until you see 2 1/2 birches on your R
take 6 paces past the 2 1/2 birches, turn R
take 7 paces to a family of 4 birches
look for a home vacated by the likes of Peter Rabbit
we'll leaf the rest to you!

This box was placed in September 2006 by the Butler family, and listed and maintained in June 2007 by ArcticTern.