In the woods  LbNA # 31673

Placed DateJun 8 2007
LocationLamoine, ME
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 5 2016
Hike Distance?

In the woods........Coleman Mixed Woods.
What can you find in these woods?
A letterbox to mark each trail.

Box1 clues:
Sit on the bench that marks the beginning of the Swamp Trail. Directly behind the bench is a cut, round log under the cover of a pine tree. Behind that log, covered with a large piece of bark is Box1

Box2 clues:
Follow the Main Path until you see straight rows of red pines, some with orange ribbons on them. Stop just before the bench, with the last tree lining the path on your right. Look into the woods over your left shoulder and you will see what looks like an old path leading straight into a huge tree. Go to that tree and you will see on your right a large rock and then a stump on the right. Check to the right side of that stump for Box2

Box3 clues:
Sit on the bench at the top of Teresa's Hill. On the right, the path goes down a little rock step with a sole tree on either side of the path. The tree on the right holds Box3 at its base, side facing the woods, covered with pieces of bark.