NASA Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 31676

Placed DateJun 8 2007
LocationWebster, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Jan 15 2015
Hike Distance?

This box was started to help give out-of-towners a chance to drop off hitchhikers or pick up new ones while they were visiting Space Center Houston or Johnson Space Center itself. The only rules are:

-one hitchhiker must be left in the box at all times, no exceptions
-no geocaching please, travel bugs are OK, but no swapping for other items and no publishing on a geocaching site.

Thats it, now lets get to finding that box: First you'll have to get to Nasa rd 1, if you are coming south on I-45, you need to turn right onto Nasa 1, turing left takes you to JSC and SCH. Challenger park is to the left (there is a brown sign telling you your close. Once you've turned into challenger park, drive until you come to the small lake on the right. There are a couple of parking spots there.

Once you've left your car, walk around the lake and climb the Memorial Knoll. Stand at the edge nearest and lake (you would be in front of the No Swimming sign). From this vantage point, look at 100 degrees on your compass. You should see 2 medium trees, standing together at the edge of the treeline. (Depending on your height, you might have to walk across the knoll at a heading of 100 degrees to spot these trees) Walk down the knoll to the trees. From the trees, walk 30 steps around the treeline to the right. You should be at the beginning of a small trail. Now look into the treeline to your right, through the brush, to spot a large oak with gnarly green roots. The hostel is located in a hollow created by these roots.

Take an HH, leave an HH, or just stamp in from all HH's present. If the hostel is running low, please let me know and I will come out and add some HHs.