The Doubtful Guest  LbNA # 31677

Placed DateJun 8 2007
LocationWebster, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Jan 16 2015
Hike Distance?

This box and stamp are in homage to Edward Gorey, one of the most creative and original writers/illustrators of his time. His books are a mix of the creepy, dark, sweet and funny. The Doubtful Guest is an illustrated poem that can most conveniently be found in the book Amphigorey, and supposedly there is a movie in the works. But it will probably stink, as I think Gorey's characters can only truly be captured in pen and ink, and by surprise.

To get to Challenger Memorial Park, Head south from Houston on I-45, exit to the right when you see the sign for Nasa 1. The entrance to Challenger Park is about .5 miles down the road (there is a brown sign telling you your close) Enter the park on the left. Drive until you find the small lake to the right. There are a couple of parking spots there.

After you've parked, walk around the lake to the right, and locate a large oak with a picnic table under it. From that oak take a compass reading. At 200 degrees you should see a small tree with light colored bark, at the left of an entrance to a trail. Doubtful is hiding behind there.