Garnet Ghost Town History  LbNA # 31678

Placed DateAug 16 2006
LocationMissoula, MT
Planted BymslaAnnbonny    
Found By terpsechorean girl
Last Found Oct 19 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in the abandoned town of Garnet. To get there, take Highway 200 past the Potomac Valley. After you pass The Hole in the Wall Road look to your right for the turnoff; it is well marked.

You need the Garnet Montana history handout to find this letterbox. The first letters of the answers to these clues spell some advice that would have kept Mr. Kearn out of here.
Name the blacksmith.
Who buried Frank Davey?
What did L.P. Kelly buy for 1,500.00? (new name)
What was used to waterproof roofs?
Who sold Kelly's Saloon in 1907?
Built in 1898, it sold dry goods, food, and meat.
The J.K. Wells Hotel hosted the Hard _____ Ball.
He built the Dahl Saloon in 1938.
Mrs. Jennie ______ filled her parlor with plants.
They could live rent free in the Honeymoon cabin.
Meat and gold were both kept here.
It had a grand piano and a phonograph.
In 1971 they destroyed H.M. Stringham's general store.
Billy ____ drove the stage to Bearmouth in the 1920's.
At one time there were 13 of these!

Once you solve the puzzle and find the right building, look for a spot that is both humble and magestic.