Three of Us  LbNA # 31711

OwnerThree of Us      
Placed DateJun 9 2007
LocationBartlett, TN
Found Bymilamboys (Attempted)
Last UpdateOct 16 2011


Enter Shelby Farms at the Mullins Station entrance, closest to the horse barn.
When you reach the 4 way intersection, keep straight.
Park in the first lot to your right, before you pass the lake.
Start walking on the paved trail, through the wooden tunnel.
Go left at the first fork.
Stay on the paved path and look really good for wooden marker 431 on your left. It may be hidden by some vines.
It may also have a pink ribbon? Or not.
Walk 13 paces through the wooden hang-man on your right, across from the marker.
Look under fallen logs that form an upside down "T".
* Watch out for poison ivy *