Woof - Woof  LbNA # 31720

OwnerThe Pink Ladies    
Placed DateJun 13 2010
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By azwalker
Last Found Apr 20 2014
Hike Distance?

This is a new location for Woof Woof.

Zoe was a little dalmatian who loved to run and play. As a young pup, Zoe made frequent trips to the dog park to play with her canine friends. Currently, the city of Tucson has 6 off-leash dog areas (dog parks.) On the Southeast side of Tucson you'll find Palo Verde Park, located at 300 S. Mann Ave. (South of Broadway, West of Kolb, directly between Langley and Mann Avenues.)

The Palo Verde dog park is an 18,000 square-foot facility with picnic tables, trash cans, a 5-foot chain link fence, double entry gates, dog friendly drinking fountain, and pooper-scooper dispenser.

Since Woof Woof has gone missing from this park a couple of times it has found a new home. While it is not a Dog Park, you should take your dog as she will love the desert walk.

To find the box locate Make your way to the Clements Center located between the Pima Community College East and the Ward 4 Council Office.

Park in the Southeast part of the parking lot on the North side of the Clements Center. You will see baseball fields to the west of this parking lot.

Follow the black asphalt path that is closest to the Ward 4 office and walk East. You will pass through or around a large metal gate, then by two benches on your right, and finally by another large metal gate. This path will lead you to a large cement circle. At this point you should continue straight onto an unpaved path. This path will be on the South side of the Children’s Ourdoor Performance Area (COPA). Follow this path past the performance pagado till are almost to the asphalt roundabout. Continue on the dirt path, heading east (right.

The driving range will be on right and there will be desert all around. Keep your eyes peeled for rabbits, quail, snakes, and coyotes. This desert area is full of wildlife. You will continue along this path until you see a small building on your right side behind a fence. This is a City of Tucson Water facility. Continue along the path East for another 74 steps. Stop and look to your right. You will see a large Mesquite Tree with conjoined Barrel cacti in front of it. Stay on the path and use your compass to locate another large Mesquite tree at 137 degrees South East. Walk to this Mesquite and look on the backside for a SPOR and Woof Woof.

As always watch out for snakes, scorpions, gila monsters and any other desert critter that could cause you harm.