Can You Hear the Crickets?  LbNA # 31736

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateJun 1 2007
LocationLewis Center, OH
Found By songwriter
Last Found Oct 6 2007
Hike Distance?

Can You Hear the Crickets?
Location: mulA keerC State Park south of Hwy 36/37 and west of I-71.
Time: 35 minutes round trip
Terrain: Flat, but overgrown bridle path. Poison ivy is present as well as the usual thorny stuff.

Last found/checked: 19-OCT-09

I was driving west on Route 36 near I-71 with Peggy Sue when suddenly she told me to stop the car and listen. “Can you hear the Crickets?”, she exclaimed.

“Rave on”, I says.

“No, really…..take a turn down this road to the south”

“You mean CR10A?”

“Yes. Take it all the way to the end.”

“Maybe, baby”, I replies. But I love that girl, so down the road we go.

After a short drive past country residences and farms we reach a dead end. A chain link bars the way hung between two posts. A sign declaiming “Fishing Access” looms on the left.

“Can you hear the Crickets yet?”, my best girl asks.

And lo and behold, I hear the strains of music in the distance down the abandoned road I see beyond the chain.

“Yeah, sugar, I do. What’s next?”

“Let’s go find them!!”

So down the road we go until we reach the water’s edge. Peggy Sue looks right and then she looks left. “There, down the overgrown path to the left. I bet that’s where the Crickets are. The orange arrow points the way.”

I reply, “That will be the day!” But when she runs down the path anyway, after her I go. “Shoot”, I thinks to myself. “This is a bridal path”. But I’m a loyal guy. And darned if the sounds are not getting clearer.
So off we go on a mad hunt. We run down this path, up a small hill and pass by a small bay. “Boy, I wonder what this path is like after a rainfall! I bet it gets muddy”, I says. Baby keeps a goin’. We get so very close to the water’s edge, after passing another of those darn orange arrows.

At a fork in the path, Peggy Sue goes off to the right and jumps ever so lightly over a fallen tree in the path. “Man, she’s light!”, I thinks. From here, I watch her take 36 steps to a leaning tree. In front of that leaning tree I see a largish straight tree and a more slender companion.

“Watcha, doing baby?”, I says.

“Silly boy! Here’s the Crickets and here’s their leader in between these two trees.”

If you find the Crickets’ leader, be sure to email me at Would love to hear how this legend is doing.