Old Buzzards: Slacker and Spike  LbNA # 31740

Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationNashville, TN
Found By crosscresent
Last Found Mar 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Head West of Nashville on Harding, away from Nashville's downtown area. Turn right on White Bridge Road. Shortly you see a 40 mph road sign. Turn in the driveway past that sign. (If you get to the Target Store you went too far).
Park in the shade if you can find some. Check out the trail map, to see where the 4 way intersection is and then head out on this paved trail. Just past the end of the zipzag boardwalk is the 4 way intersection. From this intersection, you will turn right for Spike and you will turn left for Slacker.

Spike: Turn right as directed above, find the marker for the deadliest train wreck in US history, that occured in 1918. Just past the end of the pavement on the right is a tree with a 2 foot-wide diagonal flat rock next to it. The box is under the flat rock.

Slacker: Return to the 4 way intersection, and turn left as directed above. Go over another long zipzag boardwalk. Go straight past the turn off to the left (which I forgot to note the name of). 70 steps past the above-mentioned turn off is a big multi-trunked tree on the left side of the paved path. It's in the middle of the trunks covered by a rock.