Hometown Spirit  LbNA # 31749 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLady In Red    
Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationHarrisburg, MO
Found By higherhouse
Last Found Apr 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Your quest starts in the heart of Harrisburg, MO. Don't blink on your way through town or you just might miss it!

Go west through the town's main intersection, past the grocery store. From there, I 'trust' that you'll be able to find a valuable gem. Park near the gems.

With the largest gem on your left, follow the concrete path. Make sure you don't stop short, but go through the gate ahead.

When the path comes to a T, you have a choice to make. Will you stop and do some pull-ups, go left to visit the lake, or go right to continue your quest?

Assuming that you chose to continue, cross the bridge and go 18 1/2 paces to a place where a mulched trail branches off on the right. (You passed my handprints along the trail a couple paces back.) Take the mulched path. After the trail is overgrown, it forks. Stay to the left. Pass the bench, go down the hill, around the curve, and up the hill on the other side. When the trail leads you to a concrete trail go to the right. 5 paces will bring you to an intersection with another mulched path. Go to the left 2 paces until there is a tree with an attached stump on your left. Watch out for poison ivy as you look for a prize.

If you continue on the path up the hill you'll quickly come to an observation deck that would be an ideal place to stamp in. Be sure to use the ink included in the box.

NOTE: The mulched trail hasn't been maintained recently 9/27/08. If you can't follow it, follow the path until you find landmarks from later in the clue and go backward.