Soon a Monsoon  LbNA # 31753

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Placed DateJun 9 2007
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
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When you hear about monsoons, you generally think of heavy rains in South East Asia. However, other areas of the world, including New Mexico, experience monsoonal rainfall. Here, the monsoons occur in July and August, when an area of high pressure (the monsoon ridge) develops in the upper atmosphere over the Four Corners Region, creating an easterly to southeasterly wind flow. The wind flow pattern directs moisture (from the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California, and the tropical Pacific) into the region, setting off brief but often torrential thunderstorms, especially over mountainous terrain. As much as 70% of the rainfall in the region occurs during the summer monsoon. Many plants are adapted to take advantage of this brief wet season. However, the Southwest has been in a drought cycle for the past several years. Hopefully, Soon a Monsoon!
(From Wikipedia)

Driving Directions: Take I-25 S from Santa Fe to exit #271. Drive N on West Frontage Road for about 1.2 miles. Parking lot for preserve is on left. Park here and take trail on left end of parking lot. This area is currently only open May – October, Saturdays 9-12 and Sundays 1-4. Donations are accepted.

Hiking directions: Follow the main trail until you reach a boardwalk (South Loop Trail) branching off to the left. Box is at the very beginning of the boardwalk under the left edge. Please be very discreet.

To get back to the car: Follow South Loop Trail as it loops around to the right and eventually rejoins the main trail. Then take a left on the main trail for a brief detour to get a nice view of the pond (a right on the main trail would get you back to your car).

Round trip hiking distance: under 1 mile, no elevation gain.