Wall's Koala  LbNA # 31755 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCamp Frekkles    
Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationRexburg, ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found May 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Roughly 1.5 mi round trip. Mostly paved path.
This letterbox is located at Nature Park.
You may want to bring some bread with you to feed the ducks after you find the letterbox!

Traveling from Idaho Falls, take the second Rexburg exit.
Turn RIGHT onto Main St.
Turn LEFT onto N. 5th W.
Continue down the road until you see a playground on the left and Nature Park Dr. Park by the brown wooden fence.

Look for the street sign, "Nature Park Dr." There is a path right behind it lined by a brown wooden fence. Enter through the brown metal gate doors (there will be a 3/4 Mi. sign and the brown wood fence will be on your left). Walk this path and soon you will see a bridge. Do NOT cross over this bridge! Turn right instead, and continue walking.

When the trail splits again, turn right. When walking this path, you'll see a body of water on your left. Continue walking until you see two benches at another fork--keep to the left.

After you pass the small cement dock, continue going straight. You will pass a large shaded picnic area on your left. Next you will pass a large shaded picnic area on your right. Continue walking and you will see a line of large rocks straight ahead. When you reach the rocks, turn right onto the grass.

Walk on the grass between the lines of trees (on the left) and bushes (on the right). When you reach the steel sewer head, you'll see a Christmas Tree about 15 feet ahead on the left. Go to the backside of the tree. Towards the left side, at the base of the tree, between all the branches you'll see a white rock about twice the size of your fist. Check under this rock for the box, but be careful; the needles are a bit sharp!

When finished, please re-hide the box as you found it so that the white rock is slightly visible! The needles of the branches are a bit sharp, so we don't want anyone to have to use their hands too much to find this box.

Once you have returned home after finding this box, please report that you found it at atlasquest.com. Thanks!