The Outer Banks Piggies  LbNA # 31768 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateJun 8 2007
LocationNags Head, NC
Found By Sugarwood Rascals
Last Found Sep 14 2009
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Daniel, Nicholas, and Wesley were three little piggies who lived in the woods in Dare County, NC. Wesley remembered how to get to his house because it was off of a major street with a traffic light across from his bestfriend Mickey D's house.

Their daddy was a gentle boar hog who rooted around hard for his family, but their mommy was always complaining she didn't get enough slop to eat. She was definitely the head of the family and the neighbors referred to her as the old nags head, and their farm as the nags head woods. The pigs were very liberally minded and believed that pigs cause global warming and cause baby polar bears to die. Their farm was actually an ecological preserve and the local nature conservancy made a very useful map of their farm which you can pick up today at their office by the small parking lot to the left as you enter their farm.

One day, the three little piggies were playing in the woods on the trail named after a large nearby, well-known island. They had just entered the trail from the nearby road (and nearby fenced-in cemetery), when they were spied by a fox who gave chase. Off they all scurried with Wesley in the lead followed by Nicholas and Daniel and the fox in hot pursuit. The piggies were running for their lives! They ran by a brown sign post where Daniel, who was getting tired, tried to hide under some pine nedles, but the fox saw his red hat and ate him all up. Nicholas and Wesley kept running and passed another brown sign post and a dog-leg where Nicholas hid under the boards, but the fox smelled him, reached under, and dispatched him quickly. Wesley ran on as fast as his little long legs would cary him! Soon, he came upon a bench on the right and hopped up to catch his breath and plot his next move. He looked to the left....and then straight ahead....and then to the right where he saw something round about 25 steps away. He checked his compass and it read 206 dgrees. Could this be a good place to hide? He jumped off the bench and ran over to the round thing where only 15 feet off the trail was a round house made of metal!

"This is a perfect place to hide!", he thought and off he trotted to hide and save himself from the fox. The fox came running by just 5 seconds later and never saw or smelled Wesley as he went bounding by.

After waiting for 10 minutes in hiding, it was safe for Wesley to run home - safe fom the jaws of the fox. But he left behind his treasure box which you might find if you were to seek it today!