Jessica's Birthday Box Series  LbNA # 31787

Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationNorth East, MD
Planted Byscrapdog    
Found By MomofBoys
Last Found May 3 2015
Hike Distance?

I discovered letterboxing in 2006. My two younger children and I have gotten hooked! As a testament to that, in June of 2007 my daughter requested having a letterboxing party for her 6th birthday. I chose Elk Neck State Park because there were no boxes placed there yet, and because we hoped to enjoy swimming in the North East River following our hike. As it turned out, we couldn't go swimming that day due to high levels of bacteria in the water, but the kids enjoyed the letterboxing and time on the playground.

This series of 3 boxes are hidden in the Camping area of Elk Neck State Park, North East, MD. Take Rt 272 through the town of North East and into the park. Turn left into the camping/ park store area. You do not have to pay the daily use fee if you tell them you are just coming to hike the trail. If you decide to swim later you need to cross back over Rt 272 to the Beach Access area. There is a daily use fee of $3 per person on weekends & holidays or $3 per in state car on weekdays.

I recommend plenty of bug repellant, as the deer ticks are heavy in this area. The White Trail is rated as easy, but it can be steep for little ones in some parts.


*10/19/08 Boxes were checked and clues updated.

1. Jessica’s Birthday Box
Leave your car in the Park Store lot near the playground. Directly across the street is the start of the White Trail. Follow this trail through the grassy meadow and around the bend. Go past the tree that divides the path just past the trail marker. When you reach the first wooden bridge, stop before crossing. Turn around 180 degrees and look up the hill at the two fallen trees. Climb the hill and find the rotting stump on your left. Walk left behind the fallen V-shaped tree. Look inside the fork of the fallen tree and the treasure you seek is hidden under the leaves.
Please rehide the box carefully.

2. Something Cute and Cuddly
Cross the bridge and continue to follow the White Trail. It bears to the left away from the parking / camping area. Carefully cross over two separate trees that have fallen across the path along the way. Slow down and follow the trail as it bears sharply to the right, or you may end up tumbling into the ravine! Pass under the “living gateway” (as Jessica called this tree arching over the path)and continue down the white path. When you reach the “Y” in the trail, look to your right. Follow the fallen tree to its trunk and you will find the letterbox you seek.
There may still be a left over surprise in the box. Please take only one, leaving any extras for the next finder, and rehide the box.

3. I’m Bananas Over You
Return to the White Trail, and follow the winding path. At the double white blaze, bear sharply left. Go carefully down the hill and across the wooden foot bridge. For a short time the trail is part of a dry stream bed. Step cautiously on the loose rocks and roots. Climb the steep stairs ahead. By a tree with a white blaze, find marker #19. Look straight into the woods for a rotted stump. Hidden away from view beneath a rock is the letterbox you seek.
Please be sure to replace the rock that hides the box.

To return to the parking lot, continue following the White Trail over the 2 troll bridges and through the meadow. The road is just ahead that leads back to the Park Store.

I hope you enjoyed the hike! Please let me know what you think of the series, as this is my first attempt at making my own box.