Paradise Lodge  LbNA # 3180

Placed DateSep 19 2001
LocationAgnes, OR
Found By Erfellie
Last Found Nov 4 2004
Hike Distance?

There are several potential starting points and methods to reach these letterboxes. From Gold Beach, Oregon, ride a jet boat up to Paradise Lodge. Or, hike up from Foster Bar (Agnes) 12-15 miles(Ryan Carpenter hiked in and out in one day but he is a hiking stud!) Or, from Grants Pass drive past Galice, park at Grave Creek and start your 5 day hike down the Rogue River Trail. Or, fly your small private plane to the grass landing strip behind Paradise Lodge. The method our family uses is to obtain a Rogue River permit and raft the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue on a 4-5 day trip. The trip can also be booked commercially with various river outfitters and most everyone enjoys the stop at Paradise Lodge.

Note:On 10/5/2004 we received a note from Erfellie with directions for a shorter hike approx. 4 to 5 miles RT.Check your Topo maps of the area.

From I-5, Take exit 61 through Merlin, then drive past Galice, Oregon
and continue on to Grave Creek Bridge where the road forks, go left and
follow the signs to Agness and Marial (same direction). (About a 2 hour
drive from I-5) From here its about an hour and a half of very windy, dirty,
gravel, bumpy road. Eventually you will drive past "Paradise Ranch" and a
campground called "Tucker Flat". From there, continue on the road for a few
more miles until you reach the trailhead. It is the only one I know of in
the area, and we just followed the road until we hit it, there is also a
cabin/fire station out there and a home or two. At the trailhead is a sign
that says "2 miles to Foster Bar" and that is the trail we took! It is a great
trail, level and pretty easy to hike but there is a lot of cliffside because
it follows the rogue river so it may not be good for someone who is not
surefooted. Hopefully with these directions you might get more letterboxers
out there! :o)

# 1 Paradise porcupine

Once at the lodge, walk toward the west end of the grassy air strip. At the end of the field, look for the "Trail" sign on a tree. Take the left hand fork and follow the "Trail" signs 77 paces to the Jackson Creek footbridge. From the west end of the bridge walk 20 paces slightly uphill at 280 degrees magnetic to the double trunked oak. Look on the back side of the tree inside the burned area and under a pile of moveable rocks. The tree is on the south side of Jackson Creek. This is an orphan box, so we would appreciate your help in maintaining it.

# 2 Kayaking at Paradise

From the Jackson Creek footbridge walk down the Rogue River Trail approximately 1/3 of a mile. At the Devil's Back Bone Trail, take the left hand trail down 66 paces to a V shaped double tree. From this tree walk 6 paces at 80 degrees magnetic to three clustered trees. The letterbox is located in the middle of the clustered trees under some moveable rocks. At the time we placed the letterbox the trail potty could be seen due south from the box. If you continue down the small trail towards the river you will see the boaters camping area at Paradise camp, a lovely layover spot. This box is an orphan so we would appreciate help in maintaining it.

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