Letterboxing Blues  LbNA # 31800

OwnerSophie & Me    
Placed DateJun 10 2007
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 16 2015


This is one box with FIVE stamps inside of it! (I don't know what that means for those of you who keep careful score of how many boxes/stamps you have found.)

This box is dedicated to all the things that frustrate letterboxing enthusiasts. Anyone who has ever tried letterboxing can tell you that it is a thoroughly fun and rewarding activity, but it is not without its potential drawbacks! Follow the directions written below to find the box containing the stamps of various nemeses that can ruin even the happiest letterbox outing!

Go to the Waukesha County park that has a board walk and boat launch. Start at the parking lot reserved for both cars AND boat trailors. Walk along the paved trail. When you come to the crop of logs, turn and go down the dirt trail. Walk until it gets really rocky. Stop on the rocky area, turn around and walk back 50 steps. Stop. Take a bearing of 270 and walk 15 steps off the trail into the woods. Look inside the split of the log for the box. Be sure to seal up the bags are re-hide carefully!

Box contents:

Mosquitoes – Ah, the state bird of Wisconsin! From April to October, you can always count on these suckers to bug the heck out of you while you are out on the trail. Better get the deet and the itch cream ready!

Poison Ivy – “Leaves of three, let them be!” That’s what we’ve all been told, right? Well, how come when a person is out on the trail, all the plants start to look alike? Is that poison ivy or not? Who knows?!? Maybe it would be best to go letterboxing in Teflon body suit, just to be safe!

Wood Ticks – Eeew! They’re related to spiders, they spread diseases, and they suck your blood until their bodies bloat up to four times their original size. There is nothing redeeming about ticks! (Don’t forget to check yourself over when you get home!)

Soggy Boxes – You find the box, but when you open it up and get ready to stamp in, you notice the log book inside is moist and the stamp is warped. Darn it! Who ever was the last person here didn’t make sure to close the box tightly and now it’s water logged! Shut those boxes, hide them safely in their original spot, and while you’re at it, be sure to seal those bags inside, too!

Geocachers – Here’s another scenario: You find the box you’ve been looking for, you open it up, but instead of finding a one-of-a-kind, artistically hand-carved stamp that one of your letterboxing peers created, you find a cheap, plastic Chewbacca action figure. You think to yourself, “What the heck! One of those @#%#$% geocacher’s ransacked another letterbox! Can’t they read? It clearly says, ‘This is not a Geocache’ right across the box!” Now you’ve got to contact the placer and tell them the bad news. Bummer!

I bet everyone who does this box will surly relate to these frustrations. Misery loves company! Consider this devotion an exercise in tension release! Happy boxing!

-Sophie & Me