Clearwater Chain of Lakes drive  LbNA # 31801

Placed DateJun 8 2007
LocationSeeley Lake, MT
Found By RaceFamily
Last Found May 24 2013
Hike Distance?

The Clearwater-Swan valley in western Montana is certainly one of the prettiest areas of the state. These boxes are hidden along MT 83 that runs through the valley.

You might want to pick up the Chain of Lakes driving tour brochure from the Forest Service office just north of Seeley Lake and visit all the beautiful lakes along the way.

Box #1 - Loon is hidden near the Forest Service office north of Seeley Lake. From the canoe trail take out point look for the trail leading to the wildlife blind. Follow it walking between the FS buildings and the lake. When the trail heads into the timber starting counting your paces. At about 55 look to the left (west) towards the lake and you should see a down log with a perfectly round hollow center. In the other direction through the trees you can see the last building of the Forest Service complex.

The camoed container is hidden in the opposite end of the down log.

You may want to continue up the trail to the widlife blind for Potomac Joe's Canoe Trail box.

Box #2 - Grebe is hidden on Salmon Lake at Salmon Lake State Park. The park has two entrances - one for the campground, one for the picnic, boat launch area. You can get to the box from either but the directions are written from the picnic area. Entering the park take a right past the swimming area and find a place to park. Find the trail to the campground that starts near the picnic table with a cover. Follow the trail along the ridge past 2 benches. At the second bench take the trail going to the right down the hill and across the bridge. Stop at the far end of the bridge and sight at 25 degrees on a stump mostly hidden by two trees. From there look a bit further upslope to two more stumps. Under rocks by the second stump you'll find your box.

PLEASE rehide these boxes well.