Swirlie Disease (Shoal Creek Greenbelt Trail)  LbNA # 31809

Placed DateJun 11 2007
LocationAustin, TX
Planted ByChaotic Hypnotizers    
Found By Time Bandit
Last Found Jan 25 2011
Hike Distance?

These might seem like a lot of clues, but we just wanted to be as detailed as possible. From start to finish you should cover no more than 1/10 of a mile (not a very long distance). Please let us know if you experience any problems finding it or if it is not there at all.

1. Start at the southwest corner of 29th Street and Lamar (be careful because this is a fairly busy intersection).
2. To your left (west), there should be a bridge.
3. Follow the Shoal Creek Greenbelt Trail down the hill.
4. You will see a green post on your left pointing towards Town Lake.
5. Go the opposite direction (you should now be heading Right/North).
6. Keep Walking........on your right you will see a sign for SHOAL CREEK LANDMARKS: CAT HOLE/BLUE HOLE/SPLIT ROCK.
7. Keep Walking........past a sign on your left reminding you to WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ROCKS and you'll also pass under the bridge.
8. Keep Walking........on your right will be a sign for GOLD RUSH FEVER.
9. Keep Walking........on your right will be a sign reading CAUTION: LOW CLEARANCE AND UNEVEN TRAIL SURFACE.
10. Keep Walking........past a tree in the middle of the trail/path.
11. You will then curve slightly uphill to your right.
12. You will then curve slightly downhill to your left.
13. Approx. 10 steps/paces down the hill look for a tree growing out of a rock (it will be on your left alongside the trail).
14. STOP!
15. 10 feet on/to your left will be a rock wall.
16. At the base, towards the middle, there will be a rock-filled gap between 2 rocks covered in algae.
17. If you start on what looks like a bridge with a guardrail on your left you have gone too far.
18. Uncover the rocks to the find the Swirlie Disease Letterbox.
19. Please hide/cover back up when done.