Murray State University  LbNA # 31825

OwnerLedgeworth VonHaus    
Placed DateJun 11 2007
LocationMurray, KY
Found By The Doctors B
Last Found Jul 20 2010
Hike Distance?

Still good as of 8-28-07. I had two people contact me and in both cases they must have been in the wrong spot. There was new mulch spread around such that the green water valve was covered and not visible. Also the act of the ground's keepers raking the mulch must have pushed the box far under the Viewing Pavilion beyond arm's reach. I had to use a stick to get it.


In the center of campus is a walking tree.
Next to that is a pedigreed Man. His right shoulder is pointing toward the path between two buildings.
At the Viewing Pavilion is the letterbox.
Look near the step not the ramp.
Its under, near a circular green thing (might be a water valve).

Enjoy! This the first letterbox I've placed.
Please give me updates,
Ledgeworth Von Haus