Looking for Flutterbies - MISSING  LbNA # 31835 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 12 2007
LocationWestchase, FL
Planted ByMamaJulie    
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Apr 14 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has gone missing. Will try to put a new one out before the end of the summer.


There is a place called Glencliff on Countryway, where all the children come to play. Park beside the playground, you'll see some swings if you look around.
From the swings walk across the grass between the basketball court and the soccer field. Look for utility pole #TECO 008304. Turn to the left and walk along the path counting 33 cracks until you come to TECO 008307. Follow the path to the right, oh what a beautiful sight! Stop at the rest stop to enjoy the scenery. When you are done counting lily pads, continue along, singing a song, across the boardwalk. Phew, it's hot! Enjoy another rest stop, or keep on trekking across another boardwalk. Stop at the end. Beside the last post to the right, there is a box just out of sight.
Congratulations! You have found a flutterby!


This is a great place for children to play, have a picnic, even throw some hoops or kick a soccer ball around, so plan accordingly!