Africa  LbNA # 31839 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 13 2007
LocationTravelers Rest, SC
Planted ByThreeBoxers    
Found By Ladymouse
Last Found Aug 25 2007
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My family used to be missionaries in Africa until my husband contracted Malaria and couldn't shake it. So we had to make the difficult descision to come back home. This letterbox series is dedicated to the home and people we love in Africa but had to leave behind. We hope you will enjoy these letterboxes and maybe learn about Africa too!

We were supposed to serve in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, but because of the civil war there, we had to change our plans and find another neighboring country where our people, the Malinke, lived. We moved to the country of Guinea, just west of the Ivory Coast. Do you have a map out yet? What are you waiting for?

This clue is all about our home country of Guinea. Once you've answered all of the questions correctly- You'll know where to go.

1. How many colors are in Guinea's flag?
(the 3rd letter is the 1st letter of the clue)

2. What river runs right through the middle of Guinea? We
lived in between this river and the Sankarani River. There are lots of hippos in both of them!
(the 4th letter is the 2nd letter of the clue)

3. What is Guinea's capital? We lived 10 hours from here.
This city had our only grocery store, so we had to stock
up good!
(the 3rd letter is the 3rd letter of the clue)

4. Guinea's main sport is soccer. We watched the children
play in the streets and the adults have serious matches.
But they didn't call it soccer in Guinea, what did they
call this sport?
(the 1st letter is the 4th letter of the clue)

5. What is the official language of Guinea? We found that
the Malinke people used this language in the market, but
they used their traditional tribal language at home.
(the 2nd letter is the 5th letter of the clue)

6. What country borders Guinea to the south near the
village of Macenta?
(the 4th letter is the 6th letter of the clue)

7. Africa is a very hard place to live, but no one works
harder than these people. These people rise early to
get water from the river for washing, cooking, and
cleaning. Then these people gather enough wood to make
a fire to cook breakfast on. They are sturdy and
talented enough to carry a baby on their back and a load
of mangoes on their head at the same time. I greatly
admire these people. Who are they?
(the 1st letter is the 7th & last letter of the clue)

Now that you know where to go; park on the side where you'll see 2 storage buildings. Walk in between them, to the middle, then bend down and look. "Africa" is under the
silver one hiding in a cement block.

Be sure to watch for the next boxes in this series. They will be all about the people and culture of Guinea. You'll learn about the animals too!