Stonefly's Fishing Adventures: Green Weenie  LbNA # 31840

Placed DateMay 28 2007
LocationPicture Rocks, PA
Found By needle and thread
Last Found Mar 5 2010
Hike Distance?

If searching for this box please remember that this is not located on a marked trail. Any trail that is associated with finding this box is used by fishermen to access stream/fishing waters. Appropriate clothing should be worn. If you choose to fish in addition to finding this box please note all Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations as to special regulation fishing. If there happen to be fishermen fishing, please be respectful and avoid disrupting their fishing by throwing rocks or creating a lot of noise.

Ok, so there really is nothing significant about this location. I just needed an excuse to create a Green Weenie letterbox. A Green Weenie is a hand tied fly pattern of an inch worm (what were you thinking a Green Weenie was?). If fished correctly this can be a very effective pattern in the summer months. I’ve used this fly a numbers of times on this section of Muncy Creek.

The Green Weenie Letterbox is located ½ mile north of the little village of Tivoli on Route 220 (Tivoli is just north of Picture Rocks). At a ½ mile you will see a bridge with plenty of parking (please be careful as you leave, as this is on a somewhat blind corner). Your short journey starts by crossing the bridge. From the east corner of the bridge head up stream on the rough path. There will be a “Fishing Permitted, Walk In Only” sign to the left. Heed the “Do not enter sign” to the right on the gate. At 43 paces you will see a large hollow stump to the right at 10 steps. The letterbox is in the hollow of the stump under a rock.

Hand carved stamp, recommended colors: lime green & black

If you are trying to obtain the clues for the bonus box: Stonefly’s Fishing Adventures: Nymph, you will need to know the number of ribs/segments on the stamped image. Answer is also written on the inside of the lid.

NOTE: The day that we planted this letterbox there were indications of future bridge construction (a couple of stakes in the creek with the words “Bore Hole” written on them). If at some point you cannot cross the bridge, you will need to come in from Picture Rocks on Barto Hollow Road. We will try to keep this updated as we become aware of any problems.

***Please use discretion, snap lid tightly and replace securely. Box contains stamp and log; BYO ink and pen. A pace is two steps (left footfall, right footfall = one pace). We appreciate your comments regarding the condition of the box and its contents.***