Stonefly's Fishing Adventures: Rose Valley  LbNA # 31841

Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationHepburnville, PA
Found By Team GeeZee
Last Found Sep 14 2008
Hike Distance?

If searching for this box please remember that this is not located on a marked trail. Any trail that is associated with finding this box is used by fishermen to access stream/fishing waters. Appropriate clothing should be worn. If you choose to fish in addition to finding this box please note all Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations as to special regulation fishing. If there happen to be fishermen fishing, please be respectful and avoid disrupting their fishing by throwing rocks or creating a lot of noise.

As our journey in life continues we adapt to new circumstances that we find ourselves in. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. One of the best circumstances I have found myself in is being blessed with 2 daughters. Although I have not been able to go fly fishing the past few years as frequently as I did prior to getting married, I have taken great joy in teach our oldest daughter to fish. At a young age, the best type of fishing (guaranteed to catch fish) is to go fishing for Sunnies. This was the inspiration for this letterbox.

Rose Valley Lake is located in the center part of Lycoming County. There are numerous ways to get to Rose Valley Lake. The most popular is to travel via Rose Valley Road. From the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road, travel north on Rose Valley Road for about 4½ miles. You will then turn right onto Lake Road (this will actually be the second entrance for the lake). After about ¼ mile you will turn right into a boat launch and parking area. Park at the farthest end of the parking. At this far end of the parking lot you will find a large grass path heading down to the lake. As you travel towards the lake and trees a small path continues through the tall grass to the left and a larger path goes into the woods. Take the path into the woods. There are several other paths that will intersect with this path; make sure you stay on the main path. You will soon cross over the remains of a rock wall. Shortly after that you will notice a unique pine tree to the right. Continue on your trek. Once you have gone down a nice gentle grade and then back up you will come to another intersection. From that intersection continue for 12 paces to your left (on the trail). From the center of the trail take 8 steps at 20°. The tree that you are looking for is next to a small pine tree that does not look very well. The letterbox is under a stone on the back side of the tree.

Hand carved stamp, recommended colors: yellow, black, blue, tan (flesh), green, red & brown

If you are trying to obtain the clues for the bonus box: Stonefly’s Fishing Adventures: Nymph, you will need to know the number of trails that intersect the main trail.

***Please use discretion, snap lid tightly and replace securely. Box contains stamp and log; BYO ink and pen. A pace is two steps (left footfall, right footfall = one pace). We appreciate your comments regarding the condition of the box and its contents.***