Stonefly's Fishing Adventures: Early Mornings  LbNA # 31842

Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationTrout Run, PA
Found By Indigo Vulture
Last Found Apr 18 2008
Hike Distance?

If searching for this box please remember that this is not located on a marked trail. Any trail that is associated with finding this box is used by fishermen to access stream/fishing waters. Appropriate clothing should be worn. If you choose to fish in addition to finding this box please note all Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations as to special regulation fishing. If there happen to be fishermen fishing, please be respectful and avoid disrupting their fishing by throwing rocks or creating a lot of noise.

So, what time is the best time to go fishing? Every fisherman has their own idea, but most will say early morning or evening. This particular fishing spot served well to fish early in the morning. There would be a nice hatch in the early morning and during the summer months this was a popular summing area. Just how early? 5 AM or sooner. I’ve fished this section of Lycoming Creek often with my boss. As an avid fly fisherman, he has fished many sections of local streams. We would never have a lot of time to fish as we had to be into the shop by 7 AM. We would have our chest waders on, fly fishing gear ready and would usually be on the stream just about the time you could start to see daylight. What a great way to start out the day.

From the intersection of Trout Run Road and Route 14 (in Trout Run) head north on Route 14 4.2 miles to the Field Station Bridge. Cross the bridge and find the parking lot on the right hand side. After parking, take a reading of 270° from the utility pole to find the path that goes down to the creek. When you come to an intersection on the path, take a heading of 220° and travel 14 paces (as best you can, try to stay to the top side of the bank). You should be next to a birch tree with exposed roots. Looks like pretty good spot for a letterbox (well, except for all of the red ants that were there). Continuing in the same direction you will need to take 6 more steps. The letterbox is located on the southwest side of this small tree under some rocks.

Hand carved stamp, recommended color: black

If you are trying to obtain the clues for the bonus box: Stonefly’s Fishing Adventures: Nymph, you will need to know the number of fishermen on the stamped image.

***Please use discretion, snap lid tightly and replace securely. Box contains stamp and log; BYO ink and pen. A pace is two steps (left footfall, right footfall = one pace). We appreciate your comments regarding the condition of the box and its contents.***