"Autism Awareness"  LbNA # 31857

Placed DateJun 13 2007
LocationNicholasville, KY
Planted Bytsjwheeler    
Found By The Boxcar Children
Last Found Jul 2 2007
Hike Distance?

"Autism Awareness" letterbox by tsjwheeler aka the Wheeler Family!

Located off the U.S 27 bypass just south of the Main Street Nicholasville traffic light. Turn left on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard toward the Aquatic Center.

"Lamp Island". With back to lamp island and aquatic center on your right, walk straight to the grass/treeline. Walk slightly downhill to the left of the big crater.

Keep treeline to your left. Walk 95 paces along trail.

Wooden bridge to cross stream. About face and check underneath.

(Jessamine County YMCA Aquatic Center, Nicholasville, KY, USA)