Stars & Stripes & Angel Wings  LbNA # 31870

Placed DateJun 16 2007
LocationMantua, NJ
Found By Sweet ladies
Last Found Jun 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Start at Chestnut Branch Park in Mantua, NJ (

This is less than an hour walk, fairly easy mostly unpaved dirt trail.

Stamp is hand carved, and trail is kid friendly. Sorry, no pets in this park.

Very important: No pen or ink in box! You must bring your own.

Please bring red & blue markers to get the full affect of the stamp!

Park facing the “Bankshot Courts”

From your car, walk to the two mailboxes where flags retire and eyeglasses and cell phones get a new lease on life! Continue on that path and you will very shortly come to an intersection with other paths.

Go right, past the pavilion, keeping the park’s palm trees and dinosaurs to your right. Stay straight on that path.

Once you pass the volleyball courts, there will be another Y intersection. Go right again, and you will soon feel as if you have entered the woods. Walk for a little while until you come to a brick path.

Walk up the brick path and take a moment to take in what these clues have brought you to. Each time I visit this place, I am speechless.

After your moment, continue up the opposite brick path. Make a left and walk past Mr. Turner’s bench. Stay straight on that path until the Y and then stay right.

You will soon come to a dirt path into the woods. Take this path, past the firewood and down the hill. Down… down… down. Take a look at the grapevine and the shape of the trees around here, some are doing the most remarkable things. Really take in the sights, and you will be surprised what you may have missed if you were just looking straight ahead.

Cross the wooden bridge and at the Y go left. You’ll soon come to another Y. Stop here. Walk to the tree in the middle of the intersection. You will see behind it is a young sapling whose life was cut short.

At the cut sapling, follow the trail as it curves to the right for about 40 paces. While your counting your paces, you will pass three rotting tree stumps. When you get to the third stump (at about 40 paces) turn left and spot a three sistered tree about 15 ft into the woods. One of its sisters is dead and broken. This is where our box once hid, but we have moved it to a three sistered oak on the right a little further up the path.

Look behind that tree between the sisters to find what you have come for.

I like to believe for each life lost that day, a guardian angel was created. I also believe that sometimes angels are in the most unlikely places.

From here, you can go back the way you came, or go back to the trail and continue along it. The trail will twist and turn for a while until it comes to another Y. This one has a large tree in the center and the right trail has a large, cut up fallen tree on it. Take the left trail, away from the fallen tree, uphill.

Watch out for the barb wire on your left!

Exit the woods and take the trail left at the T. If you want, take a rest on the bench before returning to your car. The trail will lead you back to your car.

Please remember to take the time to enjoy the details life has to offer and enjoy each day of your life as if it were your last.  I hope this box has given you the opportunity to spend quality time with a loved one and relax in the serene woods of Mantua.