My Life IS a Bowl of Cherries  LbNA # 31874 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerblue against blue    
Placed DateJun 13 2007
LocationCherry Valley (West Andover), OH
Found By The Cats Meow
Last Found Oct 25 2009
Hike Distance?

I cannot tell a lie...I did not chop down a cherry tree. But my father-in-law did chop down a tree in Cherry Valley! Why would I bother to tell you such a thing? Because the letterbox is hidden here of course!

At the intersection of Routes 6 and 193 you will be at a blinking light. The southwest corner boasts the Cherry Valley Town Hall (where I had my wedding reception), the northwest corner has no notable structures and the northeast corner has the Cherry Valley United Methodist Church (drive through and check out the stained glass window above the was made by my father-in-law and installed on 7/14/ honor of our wedding day as well as the help the church provided when my husband's house burned down in 1989. Now we come to the southeast corner. The east building was the old hotel and the south building was Hatch's old general store (the building that burned down in 1989 and still owned by my mother & father-in-law). Between both buildings is an old outhouse (not in too good of shape right now) and just to the west of it is a tree that has been cut down. It is right by the gravel road so there is no need to go more that 2 steps on the property. The letterbox is at the base of the tree.

Enjoy the letterbox, your time in Cherry Valley and if a gray-haired gentleman catches you on his property...don't worry it's just my father-in-law...he won't bite your ear off but he has been known to talk it off (we luv ya Dave!).