The Blue Box  LbNA # 31886

Placed DateMay 30 2007
Location???, CO
Planted ByCatamount Carvers    
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 6 2009
Hike Distance?

The Blue Box

The Blue Box stamp was designed and carved by Nimbus, the youngest of the Catamount Carvers. Nimbus loves art, birds, and the color blue.

The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) belongs to that family of really smart birds, the Corvidaes. They are excellent problem solvers, food gatherers and communicators. While approaching a feeder, Blue Jays are known to scream in a near perfect imitation of a Red-shouldered Hawk to scare off other feeding birds. They cache food and are omnivores, who will rob other bird’s nests of their eggs and nestlings.

Are their feathers really blue? The answer is no. Their feathers don’t have blue pigment, but rather refracted sunlight casts blue light.

In Colorado, the Blue Jay lives year round on the eastern plains and is sometimes seen along the foothills.

Note: The Blue Box made its debut at Boxtemberfest in September of 2005 and has done a bit of traveling about. It has now been planted in its permanent location.

The Clues …

Proceed to Shadowville. On the north side of the building and to the west of the big, old and unused door, you’ll find a perfect cubby hole at the base of the building. This is where the Blue Jay resides.

Unlike Avian Revenge in Shadowville, The Blue Box does not have any restricted hours of accessibility.

This is a very public location. Please refrain from jeopardizing the box by pulling or replacing the box in the sight of others.

Hand-carved stamp, hand-made journal. Bring your own black ink pad and pen. Blue colored pencil for a bit of hand coloring is in the box.

A new First Finder certificate has been made in celebration of this Blue Jay’s new home and journal.