"Drag Boat"  LbNA # 31897

Placed DateJun 16 2007
LocationGrand Rivers, KY
Planted ByThe Lion's Den    
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Oct 17 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was placed to celebrate all the good times we had drag boat racing with boat #514. Today, we celebrated Father's Day by placing this letter box. To seal this celebration we stopped first in at Patti's for lunch!
Three times a year during the summer months you can catch drag boat races at Kentucky Lake. The Kentucky Drag Boat Association holds three weekend-long races on Kentucky Lake's Pisgah Bay (near the Rock Quarry). You can access Pisgah Bay by boat via the main waters of Kentucky Lake, or you can access the bay via the Land Between the Lakes.
This letterbox is in the Land Between the Lake National Recreation Area (USFS) in western Kentucky. It will help to obtain a map of the area from the visitor contact stations. Enter the Land Between the Lakes and drive on "The Trace". Go west on Smith Bay Campground Rd. At the beginning of the camp entrance you will find a Marker #2. Go .3 miles passed where the pavement ends and you will find a large parking lot on your left. Enter and go to the furthest NW corner where 3 separate trees stand. Got to the furthest left tree and walk behind to the wooded area and you find an open stump with rocks/debris on top. Inside you will find what you are looking for. Happy and safe travels!