"Family" by tsjwheeler  LbNA # 31901

Placed DateJun 15 2007
LocationNicholasville, KY
Planted Bytsjwheeler    
Found By The Boxcar Children
Last Found Jul 8 2007
Hike Distance?

"Family" by tsjwheeler
aka The Wheeler Family

1- 27/Nicholasville Road (bypass).

2- Take left onto 169 following it (all the way through downtown Nicholasville and into the county) until it dead ends at the Valley View Ferry park. Approximately 10-15 mile drive.

3- Park your vehicle. (or take it on the ferry!)

4- Explore the small park! Keep in mind that NOTHING is more important than family! Check out the flood marker. Watch the ducks and geese eat on the edge of the river (the ferry crew feed them cracked corn!) Bring a fishing pole and try your hand at catching some of the big fish in the river or ask one of the crew if they've a rod and will cast it a few times for you (they let my ds reel in a small fish!) Bring a lunch/picnic! (two picnic tables, a trash can, and port-a-potty are available!)

4- Ride the ferry to the Madison County side of the KY River.

5- Walk up the road with the wooden fence on your right above the wall. Pass the locked gate in the wall on your right hand side.

6- Count two HUGE trees on your right hand side.

7- At the 2nd tree, walk close to the rock wall (on your right side).

8- See the terra cotta-like pipe in the wall?

9- Prize is hidden in stone wall between the Valley View Ferry sign and the terra-cotta-like pipe in the wall. It is approximately 4 stones from the top of the wall. The prize is wedged behind a rock...out of view, but you can easily remove the "cover" rock to get the letterbox. Enjoy!

PLEASE do rehide carefully without disturbing the rock wall. Be discreet!