The Bee's Knees  LbNA # 31949

OwnerIn Cahoots    
Placed DateJun 10 2007
LocationDodgeville, WI
Found By Blue Mounds Kids 2
Last Found Nov 11 2011
Hike Distance?

***Update 9/23/2012*** This box is ACTIVE! Thanks so much to Madge from Washington for replacing the logbook for us when the last one got soaked. The Bee's Knees is alive and well, happy hunting!

This approximately a 2 mile hike round trip and may be challenging, especially for children, but the trail is well maintained and there are places to rest.

This box is located in Governor Dodge State Park just outside Dodgeville, WI.

Begin at Enee Point, a favorite picnic spot of our family for ages! It is on the right hand side of the road on the way to Cox Hollow beach. There's a nice shelter, a water pump, room to play frisbee and a great view of foliage and rock formations.

Follow the Pine Cliff trail across the bridge into the woods. During the summer this area is rich with vegetation, with many kinds of trees and ground cover and so much fern it looks prehistoric! Walk along the trail and enjoy your surroundings - you have a way to go!

You will cross another low bridge over a trickling stream, and continue on the path. Next is a long climb up some stairs, and a third bridge. Just keep going.

Further down the trail you will come to stairs again, this time descending... now you're making your way to the spot.

Pine Cliff trail takes a sharp turn to the right, but pay no mind. Forge on straight ahead toward the large rock formation. Follow around the edge of the formation to the right, and keep looking to your left for a hollow with a log overhanging. Look inside the hollow to the left to find the box. Spend some time exploring Pine Cliff. It's one of the only areas in Wisconsin in which all three species of pine grow naturally. We think that's pretty neat... you might even say it's the Bee's Knees!