Springbrook Park  LbNA # 31968

Placed DateJun 17 2007
LocationScarborough, ME
Planted BySpringbrook    
Found By WhatsLeftofHim
Last Found Aug 12 2011
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Springbrook Park

Located 3 miles off of Route 1, Springbrook Park lays on Longmeadow Road. When you first enter the street from Broadturn Road you will enter the first entrance nearest the playground and park to the right of the building.

From the building you will go straight until you see 3 rocks on your right. From there you will take about 35 regular paces and then look right. You should now find 2 v-trees (a brown and a white). Head toward those trees and into the woods where there is a slanted birch straight ahead. To the right of that you will find the treasure hidden among many leaves right by the tree. Have fun!!

P.S.- Bug spray might be a good thing for this trip.